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You Are Here: Inherited Property
        Restricted1. Divorce Source: INHERITED PROPERTY
The husband inherited certain property from his grandmother. Portions of this inherited property were sold and used to purchase buffalo. In this case, the couple were married on October 1, 1988. A petition for dissolution was originally filed on July 30, 1990. After a series of separations and recon ...
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        Restricted2. Divorce Source: INHERITED PROPERTY IN AN 'ALL PROPERTY' STATE
(1994) The trial court could not include property inherited by the husband during separation in the marital estate, where the wife did not make any contribution to the inherited property ...
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        Restricted3. Divorce Source: Cases of Interest: Inherited Property
Case law and analysis of divorce cases related to inherited property. Visit Other Cases of Interest ...
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        Restricted4. Divorce Source: DIVISION OF INHERITED PROPERTY
(1994) Husbands inheritance from his father, who died five years before divorce hearing, fell within category of assets subject to division, even though the legacy had not yet been distributed ...
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        Restricted5. Divorce Source: INHERITANCE - CONVERSION OF ASSETS
(1999) In a dual property state, property received as an inheritance and kept separate from marital property is separate property and is not subject to distribution ...
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(1999) A spouses possible future inheritance may never be included in the marital estate.The husbands parents had established identical revocable living trusts as part of their estate planning, so when the ...
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(1996) This case addresses an important issue for divorcing spouses in all states that is, whether a spouses potential inheritance may be considered as a factor in distributing marital assets. The court ...
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