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About Our Rental Policy and Program:

Why would you ever buy a divorce related book when you can rent it? Most people who buy divorce related books never have a future use for them. Let's face it...they are not coffee table material.

This is why we have developed our innovative Rental Program. Our goal is to provide you the opportunity to get helpful divorce related books and products at the best possible price.

How You Save!

If the normal Purchase Price of a book is $24.95, you will pay the $24.95 upfront (this is why the full purchase price appears in your shopping cart). Once the rental book is returned to us, you will receive a "Rental Refund" of 50% which is $12.50. Therefore the "Rental Cost" for the book(s) is only half what the book would have ordinarily been. The "Rental Refund" for a rented book is always 50% of the Purchase Price.

How it Works!

1. You add a rental book to "Your Shopping Cart" and it will appear with the word "RENT" before the product title inside "Your Shopping Cart". This way both you and our system is made aware of which books you wish to RENT and which you wish to BUY.

For Example:

*RENT-365 Positive Strategies for Single Parenting
Sub-Total: $16.00
Detailed View

2. Initially you will be charged the full purchase price for your rental book. We must do this, because if you do not return the rental book to us, then you have paid the correct amount to own the book. This is why the full purchase price appears in "Your Shopping Cart" and "Your Order Preview".

Once you return the rental book to us, we will give a "Rental Refund" (50% of the normal purchase price) to you in the same method the initial payment was made. For example; If your order was placed on a credit card, then we will credit the same card for the "Rental Refund" amount. Therefore the "Rental Cost" for the book(s) is only 50% of the normal book Purchase Price.

3. We will include with your order our easy return instructions and a rental return label.

4. The rental period for all books is (3) months from the date on the enclosed receipt.

5. All rental books MUST be returned with a copy of the enclosed receipt.

6. Any rental books that are returned past the (3) month period, will not receive the "Rental Refund".

7. Any rental books returned MUST be in reasonable condition. Consider the rental book as if it is a library book. We do not permit folding of the pages, writing on the pages, breaking of the book's spine, etc.

8. The "Rental Refund" is always 50% of the Purchase Price. We are not responsible for the shipping costs.

9. The above rental guidelines and instructions will be included on the enclosed receipt with your order as well as on a "Rental Label" which is attached to the cover of each rental book.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Divorce Source, Inc.
PO Box 1580
Allentown, PA 18105-1580
Telephone: 1-800-680-9052
Fax: 1-610-770-9342

[email protected] - for questions or comments about our "Rental Program".

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