(Carpal \'Tunnel)
06/19/08 11:18 PM
Another newbie flamed

OP if you think your welcome here is rough, its nothing compared to what you're likely to be in for when you go to divorce your husband. You would be very wise to get as many of your ducks in a row as possible, because based on your behavior as you've posted here you will have a difficult time of it. As for his behavior, unless its documented and there are witnesses willing to testify, it will not count. You'll simply have a matter of 'he said she said'.

As for the rest of you, especially Relayer, jumping to the conclusion that she would've posted about the specific abuse in the first post and if she didn't she was making it up - your cynicism is showing. Your X's or your spouses X's may have been lying shyts, but not everyone is.

I am not vouching for this specific poster because *I* don't know her, but neither does anyone here.

However, despite the fact that the world is filled with women who make false allegations of abuse when divorce comes up, there are abused women who don't run around giving the world a blow by blow account everytime they open their mouth (or touch their keyboard). She posted in a DV board so its pretty much a given she would say she was in an abusive marriage; she's not *required* to spout off the specifics on her first posts on an internet board just to satisfy anyone's lie detector test.

Do I condone her behavior? Certainly not. Do I believe she was abused? Lets just say I'm not discounting it simply because she didn't list every bruise she ever had with her first posts. There are no standards to posting on this board, no litmus test posters have to pass to get support or info.

If you want to jump on someone for being greedy, adulterous, drug-addicted, or lazy -- make room and I'll jump aboard. But damn, people! Give someone room to breathe when it comes to DV. If they're lying it'll come out in short order.

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