(Carpal \'Tunnel)
12/25/08 02:05 AM
Re: Divorcing a Narcissist

[quote]Hi. You've reached the voice mail for Yes_Dad.

If you would like to leave a message please press 1.

If you think you resemble some dead, junkie, rockstar from the sixties and have changed your name to him, please press 2 to be directed to local mental health hotline.

Thank you nad have a wonderful day. [/quote]

I swear he thinks it. He has been on the brink of insanity (I mean the real thing) for a while now and this is it. BTW, he looks NOTHING like Jim Morrison. Every want to study a sociopath, this would be the guy. He was normal as a teenager and early 20's, we lost track of him but he found us through and reappeared in our life after going gone 30 years and being a sociopath is the least of his problems. I should have never answered his email when he found us (my brothers and me) because he has been nothing but problems since then but actually having Jim Morrison on your Caller ID takes the cake. Turns out he has had a lot of substance problems in addition to believing the law does not apply to him.

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