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08/09/09 04:43 PM
Update on my situation

Hello again.

Just wanted to get this final piece of my story out of me to complete strangers. My wife tried to kill herself twice (once when i wasnt around on July 11, she called the cops and was baker acted.) The second time was after our second attempt to "make it work". She went to a hotel and tried to do it, and I foiled her plans on 7/29. (The hotel gm had her baker acted). She came back for the last time on 7/25, saying she had alot of time to think and wanted to try to work on it (after i finally gave up and told her divorce she wants, divorce she gets). We were getting along wonderfully, going to church, gonna get baptized as a family, I love you and sweet nothings. The whole bundle. She even told me she wanted another baby with me and thought that would help our situation. What? The only stipulation was that if we get back together, neither of us could talk about our pasts together (impossible). I told her okay, we can try, then four days later I asked if she had another lover when we were "seperated". She freaked and tried to kill herself. I visited her in the ER after that (this was on 7/29), and from there things seemed super sweet again, until we had sex for the first time in a while on 8/2. The next night, she told me that she didnt need another man, and her toy was all she needs, but sex with me is terrible. (ive always been the same and it was never a problem before). So making a long story short, we split up again, I find out she has been texting, calling, myspacing the man she originally had the affair with the whole time of us trying to get back together. I know this because I finally called him and asked him about it. He had no problem with talking to me, it was very civil. He even said he thinks somethings wrong with her mentally, and that every time she would call him to meet up and go to the movies or what not, he'd say he couldnt because of college, and she'd flip out on him all pissed off. What a faker. And im the abuser? I told her to leave the apartment, gave her 2 days to get all her stuff, and the third day was today. I came home, we went to the office and she (after telling me i have to financially support her and buy her another apartment) signed off on our lease under her own free will. Talk about a quitter. I really think shes got lots of mental problems. I feel bad for hurting her so much with my attempted threesome, but wow she went about getting out of our marriage the wrong way. Oh, and I am still the worst form of abuser in her eyes. God this sucks. I want to hate her, but I cant. Ugh. Thanks for reading. Oh and one more thing, the second time she went to the behavioral health center at the hospital after getting baker acted, she was diagnosed with major depressive disorder (from me i suppose) and post traumatic stress disorder from her childhood. :confused:

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