(Carpal \'Tunnel)
11/02/10 10:25 AM
Re: husband lazy/drug user/chose not to work--do I pay

Its easy to live paycheck to paycheck with a house payment, car, cc debt (in my name yes), lawyers fees, medical bills, etc. My husband left alot of bills for me which I was completely unaware of.
Believe me, I do not have the $$. HOW do I pay him alimony IF I barely have the money to support myself. I owe my brother 37K as a result of this. I believe I will lose my house. Is that what I am expected to do?


$37k to your brother? Why not file for bankrupcy. Seems like your only option. Sorry but you shoulda cut this guy loose a long time ago.

Perhaps if you present the debt to the courts and prove that your H was responsible for it, they'll not award him alimony because of it.

Do you have a lawyer? Where did that $37k go?

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