06/26/08 12:40 PM
Re: what do you do?

Thanks. My nephew went to court yesterday. They gave him a continuance considering his toxicology report still hasn't come in. He goes back to court in January and will remain on house arrest until then. His mother is now living one street over from where he is staying. He's really confused about what will happen now. His house arrest consists of probation officers coming to check in on him. I have no idea how they would approve of him living with her as unstable as he is. Thanks for the feedback Maury. I realize this is complicated but I think my mother should somehow get temporary or permanent custody of all 3 kids to keep my sister from interfering. The warrant she has out for her arrest is from keeping my nephew out of school so much they picked her up and put her in jail. Now she ignored the court date so they're looking for her again. I'm shocked child protection hasn't stepped in yet. My mother doesn't want to call them on my sister because she's afraid they will put the kids in foster care and not give her the option of keeping them. Do you know how that works Maury?

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