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02/05/06 09:12 PM
hey im 13 and could use some help

i am a 13 year old student, at a very well know school for the gifted. So far, this year has been the roughest year i have ever been through. My dad has a girlfriend and they have been together for about 5 years, she has 2 kids a boy and a girl. they are 18 and 20, (i call them my brother and sister) recently this year on the 13th of jan. my brother brendan pased away in his sleep when he over drank. this has impacked my dads girlfriend alison and her daughter Amelia so very much. the only time i've seen Amelia this year was when i went to our brothers memorial and i sat next to her and all i could do was watch her cry. everyday i have to go to school and cope with it the best that i can, and on the days that i just cant i have to go anyways beacause he was alisons son and not my moms so shes not going through what the rest of us are and after 1 day i guess she just forgot about it. I stay up to the early morning waiting for her to come online so i cna just have a chance to talk to her, shes my older sister i love her and admire her for all that she is and does, i have a ,real, older sister but shes not that loving and wlcoming to hear me out. (the world doesnt see amelia as my sister only my heart. Alison and Amelia dont live with my dad and nor do i. My parents have been divorced for about 10 years, i live with my mother and sister (elizabeth). and i am a cheerleader, giving up my youth group to go to practice which kills me inside. (i ador church and the friends i have there) my home life with my mom is horrible. my mom used to work alot and i never saw her so liz and i practicly raised ourselves. i was fine with it, but now she is home all the time and is trying to be my mother and my friend telling me how to do things like vaccume or clean, which i have been doing since i was 8 and she was never around. I Have recently made the decision to live with my dad, at the end of the school semester and before all my trips this summer. i have talked little about it to my dad and hes ok with it, but now i have to tell my mother. while as a part of me wants to yell at her and through it in her face, im kinda afraid to.

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