11/16/09 09:10 AM
Re: New Here - Trial (yes Trial ) on Friday -

Let me get this straight-

You made a deal then 5 years later break it. You can't figure out why he's upset?

You spent $5k in attorney's fees but claim that you need more financial assistance to raise the kids?

You had a monetary agreement that was actually covering 5 children. Now only 2 remain, and the same CS is being paid -but you can't manage financially? Same money, less children. How?

How is he responsible for three of the children's substance abuse i ssues?

So you were looking for us to stand on your sidelines cheering you on when you were clearly in the wrong?

Support does no good if it isn't HONEST.

These are the exact things you will be faced with in Court on Friday.

At that time you will not be able to, as another poster said, take the game ball and go home when it isn't going your way.

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