(Carpal \'Tunnel)
10/21/10 12:54 PM
Re: Child Support obligation with no job.

Why would it not be reasonable for a parent to contribute to the care of three children to the tune of $83/week? That's less than $4 a day per child.


Sherron, they didn't impute her at $83 a week. They imputed her at such an amount that it reduced the amount of CS she receives by $83 a week.

She hasn't worked in YEARS. She has a 4 year old at home. She can't just magically go back to work.

Also, if she did and made min. wage and then included the daycare costs in the CS calculation, he would not come out in his favor.

She homeschoosl a 14 yo and a 13 yo and a 4 yo. For her to get back to work will take some time, as the well-being of the kids matter and you need to make that transition from homeschooled to public schooled cannot just happen "tomorrow." The "life she and her kids have become accustomed to" matter very much in divorce court.

Even MORE of a reason taht she desperately needs a lawyer.

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