(Carpal \'Tunnel)
03/04/11 12:43 AM
Re: Child support when not working

The economy is bad in certain sectors. How it is handled will be dependent on what is offered as evidence of job searching in court. If he brings in a newspaper with some circles, he will be ordered to pay. If he brings in reciepts from Resume places, contact with substantial work search people, etc, he may get a reduction or an abatement.

Some may depend on his skill. If he is a bartender in NYC, okay, get another job soon. If he is a shipfitter and the shipyard he worked at closed, it is not unreasonable to give a period of time for retraining or relocation, as shipyards are far apart usually.

There are other factors as well, such as living accomodations, access to assets, like does he have a boat, or a MC, etc. If there is no real access to funds, and it is short term, like he really is looking for a job, you might reach out a hand of peace and agree to a 2 month abatement while he looks for work. YOU look angelic, he is backed into a timeframe and his only response can be yes. If he says not, he looks bad to the judge, and the JUDGE gives him a timeframe.

Rereading the OP, I see that it is a friend, written in the first person, pretend I am talking to her, I don't want to rewrite it.

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