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06/08/06 11:57 PM
It never ends

Had a girlfriend who made my life miserable. She lied all the time we were together. She was on the run from the law and I never knew until she was arrested (for her 4th felony as I found out later).

This was back in 2001. She went to prison in 2002 for a year. I broke off the relationship but was stupid enough to feel sorry for her. Her family disowned her and I felt that if I helped her she would get better and find her way. HUGE mistake.

Fast forward to today. I met a wonderful woman and we married recently. I have been so happy and never felt free like I do now. We found a great place to buy but when we tried the nightmare began. I never thought to check my credit. The ex opened many accounts using my name and personal information, then ran up the charges and didn't pay. I had no idea. I never received one bill. All bills were sent to her address.

I called the police and told the credit people that it was fraud. My wife and I live in a small town. The "hick" cop told us that because I had once lived with that woman I am responsible for the bills! He told the same thing to the companies and now they are hounding me for payments.

I had no idea what was going on until trying to buy a house. How can my credit be ruined? I never married that woman or wanted to marry her. We never used the same last name. Never had any bills in both the same last name. Never filed income taxes with her, and always filed as a single person. Why won't the cops do anything? Why are they making it out like I did something wrong?

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