(old hand)
01/07/10 08:00 AM
Re: overnight guests?!?!

Two of my daughters are 5 and 6. The six year old has Down Syndrome. They have been inseperable since the 5 year old was born and the 6 year olds development fell right in line with her sisters.

My ex moved in with a woman (they're married now) who has a 4 year old daughter. She immedietley tried forcing sibling relationships between our children and hers.She told me after 2 months (and seeing my children FOUR times) that she already loved them as much as her own. Crazy lady..

Anyway, she wanted to put my 5 year old with her 4 year old and leave my 6 year old with the BABY who wasn't even 1 yet. She treats my 6 year old like the family pet and has no idea what she is capable of... she is doing cheerleading, dance, etc and rocking out!

So anyhoo, I put my foot down and warned my husband not to set that standard in his home. He refused. The judge didn't.

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