10/29/10 01:30 AM
Re: Morality Clause

:/ He had a meeting with her this evening that went terribly wrong. SHE requested the meeting. It took place in a public place...and SHE shows up intoxicated. She's loud/insulting, antagonistic, telling him he's selfish for not wanting to be with her, he wants to have his cake and eat it too because he wants to have a relationship with me but still see his child, etc. She said their child would be f***ed up from going back and forth between homes, and that he doesn't care about her if he doesn't want to be a family with them. When her yelling got excessive, he left. He had the restaurant sign his receipt as a timestamp, and is keeping a journal of everything that's taking place. He intends to pick his daughter up tomorrow according to the CO, and she stated tonight that if he did, she'd call the cops. He's planning on taking a neutral witness and a police officer if at all possible. At this point he he's prepared whether or not she complies tomorrow...if she's cooperative, great. If not, he'll document it and have witnesses. He'll then return the next day at the same time, so on and so-forth. I believe that proof of denial 3 times will count as contempt, etc...I'm exhausted but if there are any night owls or morning people, let me know of any other precaution he ought to take. He's an extremely calm man, however I don't like the idea of her calling the cops and lying or whatever she intends to call them for. Everyone knows whoever gets to the phone first, the other one's goin' to jail. Anyone have experience with police escorts in this situation?

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