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01/26/12 02:46 PM
Any legal recourse for a friend in bad situation

I'm watching 2 friends going through a very messy divorce and he seems to really be trying to tear her down. Here is the situation:
1) They reached a financial settlement where she was paid out in a one time lump sum.
2) They never formally divorced, but got back together while legally separated.
3) They blew through all of the settlement money together. Expensive vacations, deposit on new car, new house, etc.
4) Once she was out of money, he finalized the divorce and booted her out.

It seems that his entire plan was to bleed her dry of all of her settlement money and then boot her out so that she would end up homeless.

Does she have any recourse here? Does them getting back together and spending the money somehow allow her to re-address that issue in the courts?

Granted, she was an idiot for taking this deal and then not keeping the money safe, until at least the legal separation ended. But it seems like the reconciliation and him helping her spend the money should give her some relief, if not invalidate the deal altogether.

Again, they are both my friends and I am an outsider to the situation. The last place I want to be is in the middle, but I feel bad for her. She's also got some serious medical issues going on. It really seems like he wants her to just curl up and die.

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