02/23/07 07:35 AM
Re: Case is changing

Regardless how old your 3 children are, if he is the father he has a right to see that baby. Some parents with 1 child are to busy with their personal life to properly watch a child.

As with the cost of birth, I don't think she can go after that if she did NOT pay. However, here in Indiana the state can go after the father to pay a portion back to them. Don't know if other states are that way or not.

I don't think it is norm for the father to pay for ALL medical costs until the baby is 18. Might have to provide insurance if available and he will probably be responsible for a certain % of uninsured medical bills. However, if he (baby)can be on state insurance then more than likely he can continue after the paternity too (in Indiana it is like that b/c they base it off the MOTHER'S income and support received...not dad's income). Might check into that. Make it a requirement that Dad's insurance is primary and that Mom has to get medicaid if child qualifies so it picks up the copays, deductibles, etc.

If he is the father, his name will be on the BC.

I agree, do the DNA.

Good Luck.

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