(Carpal \'Tunnel)
02/18/12 11:49 AM
Re: modifying visitation to change school districts

[quote]Um...that's wrong. Where are you getting that as soon as they are 14, they can decide? [/quote]

That IS true, depending on the state. The poster didn't say it was the do-all, end-all, but it DOES have weight.. Again, as the poster said DEPENDING ON THE STATE. I've seen this poster get criticized in another thread for making the statement as being false and it's NOT.

In NY? NO.. the child's opinion NEVER matters.

In RI? YES.. the child's opinion, I believe it's at age TWELVE, DOES CARRY WEIGHT. I believe they can actually "decide" where they want to live, if I'm not mistaken. Another poster here can confirm that as they have personal experience.

I'm quite sure RI is NOT the only state that is like this.

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