(Carpal \'Tunnel)
02/20/12 03:34 PM
Re: stbx wife wants 3rd party communication

It is acceptable to allow for changes in visitation without revisiting a CO. If you think it would be better to do a Wednesday overnight and it doesn't effect the children negatively, why not do it? You don't need to pay attorney's to do that if you both can handle it appropriately. OF course, if you and your ex are those people who nitpick every detail,. then you may want to revisit the CO for any changes to the schedule, even an overnight.

Listen, my husband was left by his wife and they handled pick ups and drop offs through the school or the day care because it was easier for my husband. So Mom would drop off Monday and dad would pick up. No seeing each other, no dirty looks, no tense exchanges to upset the children. My hubby had a difficult time post divorce and his ex did have another man and moved him in shortly after the divorce. It was very hard for my hubby.

If you do not want to miss sporting events, then go to the sporting events. If she wants to miss events because you are there, that is on her.

Since you take such issue with the third party, why not answer to your ex directly. As in I received request from Mr. Third Party on 2/20/12 and my response is as follows. That way she communicates to you the way she prefers and you respond the way you prefer. If she chooses to continue to email through her third party, then that is also on her.

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