10/06/06 02:36 PM
Re: Columbus Day??

Are you the father?

Columbus Day doesn't appear to be specifically mentioned in your CO. The list of holidays in your CO appears to be a specific list rather than an example of the types of holidays that may be included. From just reading this, I would assume that since you (or whoever agreed to it) were careful enough to list MLK Day and yet exclude Columbus Day then Columbus day is excluded. If it said, "holidays including but not limited to Labor Day, MLK Day, etc." or if it said "such as Labor Day, MLK Day, etc...." then I would read it differently.

As it is written, it is a specific list of holidays.

However, what I would do is contact my Ex and simply remind her that Monday is a holiday and that you'll be returning Junior on Monday evening.

If she's not a total ball buster then you should be fine. If she is and you can not reason nor negotiate with her then you're just SOL.

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