(old hand)
08/06/07 08:54 AM
Re: Just a thought for everyone...

How genuinely and eloquently stated. I only found this site after my 2 yr ordeal had come to some final resolution. At least as final as any of this can be. I have come to realize that it will not "end" but every little bit of closure helps.

As for mistakes....we are after all human. No matter how well some might guard there humanity with condescension and the ridicule of others. I think of "mistakes" as lessons, as long as you get the lesson from it and don't repeat it. Some undoubtedly more costly and affecting than others but nevertheless, a lesson. I believe a mistake by definition to be similar to the def. of stupidity. That is to say that if you repeat the incident and expect different results then it is a mistake.

My daddy always said this about advice..."A wise man doesn't need it and a fool won't heed it!"

Well I don't profess to be wise and certainly don't believe myself to be a fool. I guess that means I am willing to give advice an ear, then filter it with a bit of experience and circumstantial relevance, among other considerations, to decide if it applies or helps etc.

Well wishes to you JMAT.

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