01/25/12 04:01 PM
Re: I am wondering how you are doing?

Your marriage is OVER, OVER, OVER, OVER. For men, cheating is like eating a greasy unhealthy pizza when they have filet mignon at home. You can still give up the Pizza, and keep the marriage going.

for women, cheating is like purchasing a really expensive sports car, even though they have the camry to get to work. You are insane if you think there is ANY reason for her not to drive the ferrari to work, and tell her friends about it, and wash/wax it, and get it tuned up, and get it detailed.

I'm sorry your marriage is over, but at this point, you are inches away from saying " Hey, I'll pay my wife even if she screws other men, 'cause I'm whipped and helpless "

Very sad...

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