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12/17/07 01:07 PM
Re: mediator or counselor or lawyer?

thanks for the feedback. Even the judgemental feedback, because apparently, I need to hear some of this. The kids started the alternating week arrangement and it worked fine because my husband was so scared that she would not let him see his kids (like she had done in the past), that he let her do EVERYTHING by her rules. He took them whenever he could. So that is why we are now in the situation where she comes and gets them whenever she pleases without communicating with us. In the last 8-12 months they have been more reluctant to go to BMs house (they have no friends there and can't play outside, no one talks or interacts with them, they just go to thier own rooms and watch thier own tv's...). The daughter, 10, is starting to have some behavioral issues at school, and has a hard time sleeping the first couple nights after the switch (at both houses).

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