(Carpal \'Tunnel)
02/08/08 09:30 AM
The lies of E ric

E ric insists no one has ever proven him wrong . How's this ?

Quote from an E ric fake username :

"Could it be for years now, we have been complaining about the feminazis posting in multiple names? They did the same thing with the complaining a few years ago when F_IRM members posted in quantity here, too. SuperEric was not happy with some of F_IRM's members responses. So, he trained a crew. He also installed 11 VISTA computers on a network that we "man" to promote Equal Share Parenting, introduction of new laws that are of an equal nature and the relentless pursuit exposing the fallacies, lies, twist of truths and etc. that the feminazis are so well known for as described in the above article."

Question : If there are 100s of ( haha ) F IRM members with multiple computers monitoring this " feminazi " site , how come none ever post at the same time ?

Answer : There is only ONE extremely disturbed person responsible for it all . I dare anyone to find a post by any supposed member of F IRM that is posted within 3 minutes of another post by another supposed member . All the posts fit into a timeline like this one from yesterday ( 2/07 ) .

6:36 AM Equality4NCP
9:12 AM FIRM321
10:20 AM LooseScrews101
10:29 AM ErictheGreat101
11:38 AM FathersRParents2
11:44 AM FathersRParents2
12:59 PM Equality4NCP
1:05 PM Equality4NCP
3:10 PM OffWithTheirHead
3:39 PM DubiousWonder
3:41 PM Dubious Wonder
3:44 PM DubiousWonder
4:04 PM OffWithTheirHead
4:06 PM OffWithTheirHead
4:07 PM OffWithTheirHead
4:11 PM OffWithTheirHead
4:21 PM CrapStinks
4:53 PM WhosTheCutest
4:56 PM WhosTheCutest
5:05 PM WhosTheCutest
5:06 PM WhosTheCutest
5:08 PM WhosTheCutest
5:10 PM WhosTheCutest
5:11 PM WhosTheCutest
5:13 PM WhosTheCutest
5:40 PM SirHumpALot08
5:56 PM SuperEric
6:29 PM SuperEric

The obvious question is why go to all the problem of creating scores of fake usernames ? There are the easy answers , his paraniod delusions ( the feminazis are after me ) and megalomania ( I'll show you how great I am , even if it means creating my followers ) . The actual reason is even MORE PATHETIC , his obsession with rating and views . He wants to manipulate both how often his posts are viewed ( see I'm not a loser , people read my posts ) and the individual rating ( stars ) of his usernames ( people like me , look at my stars ), posts ( people like what I'm posting ) and of those who disagee with him ( he's threatened in the past to " attack " the stars of others , like anybody cares ) . Can you imagine how impotent and pathetic he must be to think he is actually harming anyone by his infantile actions ?

If you'll notice , Men's Rights is the only forum where most threads ( E ric's ) are rated . You can see how many times they've been rated by placing you cursor over the stars . All of E ric 's threads , REMARKABLY ( rolling eyes ) , usually have a similar number of ratings . All his fake usernames are required to keep " the star " rating up , and to increase the amount each thread is viewed . Despite his pathetic attempts , over time , his ratings go down as new people read his continually reposted garbage .

As for individual ratings , his fake usernames are used the same way , to pump up his " stars " . Look up my profile , you'll see Ihave over 2800 posts and have been rated 130 times . Look up other users profiles , gr8dad , over 7000 posts/ over 170 ratings , JL has 13,000 posts and has only been rated 112 times . Now look at E ric's :

WhostheCutest 181 posts / 129 rates
SuperEric 181 posts /126 rates
SirHumpALot08 13 posts / 94 rates
Loosescrews101 12 posts / 90 rates
CrapStinks 18 posts / 101 rates
FreedomFlghter 29 posts / 103 rates
FathersRParents2 16 posts / 96 rates
PIGSFly 8 posts / 88 rates
PainedFather 37 posts / 117 rates
THandSoftP 34 posts / 98 rates
StupidWomen 29 posts / 99 rates
Bola2 117 posts / 107 rates
EOP 19 posts / 103 rates
ESP 33 posts / 109 rates
LoveHurts 14 posts / 94 rates
PhoenixActivist 4 posts / 89 rates
IHatefPigs 11 posts / 90 rates
MRA 50 posts/ 117 rates
NofPigs 15 posts / 103 rates

Why ? E ric knows over time people rate him negatively and his ego can't handle it , so he continually creates " fakes " to make sure it doesn't happen . If you'll notice , anyone who posts in opposition to E ric has way more ratings than other posters with a similar number of posts ( even newbies ) .

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