(old hand)
10/28/04 11:52 AM
Re: Discovered Wife is Cheating

If he reads the entire FIRM site as suggested, he will come to your conclusion, Gryph.

Me personally? Cheat on me and it is COMPLETELY OVER. No second chances. No NOTHING. Others can live with it. I personally COULD NEVER live with it. This includes just lying in general. I WILL NOT put up with it. If I can't trust my "life partner," then I don't have a "life partner." Period.

That said, we can find that within 5 years as found on the FIRM site, statistically, we will be happy within the same relationship. Unhappiness is part of marriage. Any marriage. So, why get divorced?

As found in the site's Divorce & Women pages:


If you must divorce, please read these links first:

Divorce Busting®
The website for people who want more loving relationships
Does Divorce Make People Happy?
Findings from a Study of Unhappy Marriages

But here are a 'few more" links to help you out IF you are bound and determined to divorce:

You can actually divorce on line (web):
Joint Custody:

Parenting Plans:

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS):

Miscellaneous Links:

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