04/18/08 02:01 PM
Re: Harrassment: In the name of the femin-azi PIGS

The title of this forum is called Men's Rights.

If you have not noticed, when not attacked in other forums, our rhetoric is quite different from this forum.

We like to think that in a Men's Rights forum that we can be blunt, to the point and complain about the atrocities perpetuated upon the male gender.

Kinda like a "guys only" place to bi tch and moan.

I know that I don't like having to have to watch what I state in a Men's environment.

And, bottom line? The Men's Rights forum in my opinion should be like the above and more importantly, a place where we can share what is going on in the world and counter "the direction that we are headed whether or not we like that direction (and we don't).

Read the UPREPA proposal, get on the band wagon and help stop these atrocities that the black robes of mommy court order via governmental intrusion to not only erode, but erase our God given rights as immortalized in our Constitution (or similar documents of all so called, "free nations.").

We post stuff like this not to complain, but to incite others into action to either join us or join a group that is more in line with their thinking, but to change the laws as we continually sink into Orwellian double speak.

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