04/24/08 02:33 PM
Re: There is a law...

I do like the idea of some short educational class that should accompany a marriage license.

You'll never see this unless it only covers such innocuous subjects as diaper-changing, child psychology and nutrition, etc.

This is because only an attorney has the legal right to answer any questions posed by the students if they touch on any legal aspects of marriage, and no attorney would work for a school teacher's pay. Even if the instructor were such an attorney, his answers would, as always, only consist of canned citations which may or may not constitute an answer to the student's question and probably leave him even more confused. The instructor would lose credibility and get a reputation of "always being evasive".

This is inevitable because divorce law, especially property division is, as I have struggled to bring out here*, inherently contentious and nothing but a confused maze of competing and contradictory statutory and case law, combined with "judicial discretion". In other words, "A puzzle inside a riddle inside an enigma"! The people should revolt and get rid of all of it including the maggots who live off of it!

I will have to take off for a week now for medical reasons and don't expect to have a computer. This might also be an opportunity for me to regain my nervous composure, after fighting strenuous verbal battles with posters whom I now realize may be only ignorant trolls who get their kicks from pointless public bickering and invective, and with whom no progress can ever be made based upon any previous discourse; every exchange with these types has to start from square zero, cannot be based upon any agreed understandings reached, and must be based, instead, on a presumption of total ignorance by all parties!

* See my post in this forum, #393456, of 3/23/08, 06:39 pm

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