(Carpal \'Tunnel)
02/16/09 02:09 PM
Re: Please read! Need military advice!

It is just not that simple. it could range from a letter of reprimand to him being removed from AGR status or being discharged totally, and anywhere in between. Once the ball is rolling it is up to some different people. No one can say exactly what will happen. Once you start it, be prepared for the worst. I have seen the same thing a few times, whether it is Domestic violence or adultery. The spouse initiates an action, and when it comes time to bring the hammer down, they then ask for a light punishment because the loss of rank or money hurts the family as well. People do not always take that approach. When adminisitering a punishment. It is literally impossible what to say when it comes to punsihment.

I would never tell a spouse not to report domestic violence or adultery because of the consequences, I would say be prepared for consequences you did not intend or may not like. In my personal opinion, they are both very wrong and should dealt with severely, but I do not count here, only you and your family do.

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