(Carpal \'Tunnel)
04/14/09 06:14 PM
Re: Legal question about base sponsorship

An ID card holder who does not live with the member can use all MWR programs except those that need an adult ID card holder as well, like a guest house, or maybe a boat rental, etc. (overseas is different) and for the commissary the child has to live in the household of the sponsor, if the member does not have custody, then the child is not supposed to use the commissary. With command sponsorship it is more than just having a dependent with you, the dependent has to be command sponsored. There is such a thing as individual command sponsorship and temporary command sponsorship. Generally if you accept Command sponsorship midway through a tour, then you extend to complete the length of command sponsorship. There are always exceptions. He has his wife with him, so he has a dependent living with him, in housing on the economy, so the command sponsorship would have to be particular to the child. EFMP is different, it depends on what the issue is, if the facilities there are not equipped to help with the particular issue, then they would not assign him command sponsorship in that particular area, and yes there are exceptions. The AFI even discusses command sponsorship for vacationiing or visitng dependents. The only time, I have seen the six months come into play is for the Army to allow housing. If the member has custody 181 or more days, they are authorized housing, if they have 180 or less, they are not. This is an overseas Air Force (I believe) thing so it is probably all different, or she could be misunderstanding. The link above has phone numbers where a concerned mother could find out alot more. Before I signed anything like that, I would have to know alot more, and of course it would have to depend on my ex, and the whole situation. There is something missing here.

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