(Carpal \'Tunnel)
04/27/09 02:08 PM
Re: Redlegg

Miranda is right, your attorney cannot do anything for you that you cannot do.

When your assigned to a school, you are assigned for all functions to include personnel actions, and admin stuff, including UCMJ. They should be able to handle everything since they are basically her Command now.

RTI Administrative Sergeant - 515-334-2770

Administrative Officer - 515-252-4636

WOC Administrative Officer - 515-334-2775

Call these numbers and ask how you can get the support started to you, or stopped all together. Use the regulation so you don't sound like a disgruntled spouse.

here is a website with points of contact that may or may not help you, but you can get this thing started with all the information you have. Remember, this is not a question of can you get her to do this, this is an issue of why she is not in compliance with the regulation.

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