10/17/10 12:50 PM
Re: Husband threatened me from 'over there'...

I wanted to update what is happening right now. I am still in GA with the intention of heading to MD in just a few days from now.(That hasn't changed). I have since filed divorce papers to include a statement that stbx will not now or in the future force me to bring the children back to GA...we have settled on a 1/2way meeting point between MD & GA for the drop-off & pick-up of the children.(Honestly I don't know how often stbx will want to do that, but he is agreeing). He has all of the papers in his hands now...I was allowed to scan all papers & email them to him(it was quite a job, but I did it). Here's the thing...this was on the 13th(Wednesday) & it's now Sunday. He is now wanting me to cut back the monthly CS by $40 dollars...I am willing to make that change. He wants me to cut back the alimony amount by $100 a month...I will also make this change. I will most likely end up at the courthouse tomorrow to see the clerk I filed my papers with to make these changes & have it notarized (I left the clerk a message to let her know that I need to make these 2 changes in order for my stbx to agree to sign the papers). I hope this will not be a difficult thing to fix...I just want to move on. There has been no attorney involved in any of this...I want to state that it can be done even with a military divorce...if both parties can reach an agreement on everything. I will not say this has been easy...I was in the clerks office 3 times so far & the 3rd time was when I was told I could email my stbx. Tomorrow may be a 4th time I have to go there. BTW..it was over $200 just for me to file for divorce. For someone that doesn't have a lot of money that can be pretty steep.(another $50 if u want to have the sheriff serve the papers...I didn't so I didn't have to pay that). Here's another thing...my stbx is not happy about any of the numbers, but I didn't really expect him to be. His situation is going change quite a bit, but he has alluded to having a gf that is going to move to GA to be with him...and u know what I have to say to that...I feel sorry for her already! Now...after I find out what I have to do tomorrow...I will come back and post.

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