09/07/09 09:37 PM
daycare while ex works

recently my ex came to me and said that after 5 yrs of not working that she found a job at a daycare. The problem is now my son has to goto after school program at a cost of $70 per week, and my daughter will be going to her daycare at an unknown amount as of now b/c my ex never even asked how much! I am barely making it working 2 jobs and now I am responsible to pay half of both of the costs! My question is how the hell am I suppossed to live on even less money, with my wife and 1yr old? Maintenance just came off in June which gave me about $50 more a month to try and survive, but now I have to pay her an additional 140 per month just for my sons school, let alone my daughters school. I am desperate for some sort of answer as to what I can do? My life with my new wife is being torn apart by my having no money to pay bills and afford anything. The kids and I are very upset with the fact that I will have to work even more now and spend even less time with them b/c of this! HELP what can I do? This is getting crazy. My ex gets almost $1,900 a month from me, plus now she will have her own salary, plus has an almost live in b/f that has money. What is there for me to do except just keep giving more blood from my already dried up rock!! :confused:

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