04/25/07 02:26 PM
Double standard??

A little background: I am married with two children from a previous marriage and my DH has three from his previous marriage. My oldest child is in college, and I cosigned a student loan for her in January and am probably going to do so again for the fall semester. DH is not happy about it, and does not want me to do it again. DH thinks XH should take care of it, but he gives her money every month. Our decree states that he is to pay for all of college, but I have a responsibility to help her too, right? DH has purchased two cars for his son, one of which he totaled so he bought him another one. Son's mom bought him one but he totaled that one before DH bought the first one. Their decree states that they are to split the costs of a car and insurance. Now DH did not pay XW for the first car because between the time she bought it and he totaled it, DH wanted to see a bill of sale and she never gave him one. He has not asked XW for half of the car, nor half of the insurance. So how is it okay for him to help his child (who by the way never comes to see his dad, nor calls unless he needs something, etc.) but it is not okay for me to help mine? He has threatened to leave me if I co-sign another loan. Of course, I don't want him to leave, but it feels like a double standard is in play.

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