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08/29/06 07:58 AM
Re: Fair value for the house???

Gecko, if I were to buy the house and then have to turn around and sell it in the near future, I would be paying the fee's. The "all that lovely money will be solely yours" wouldn't.

Cinder2, you are probably right. But see my comment to Gecko. If I get the house and then turn around and sell it, I will be responsible for the fee's 100%. Is that fair?

Sprint, she has said that the appraisal was for potential, not As-Is. There is probably about 5K of work I know of that needs to be done. And if someone more knowledgeable about selling houses looks at it, they will probably find more little things that need to be fixed. You are correct about the volotility of real estate fees. I was going by an average.

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