(Carpal \'Tunnel)
02/02/12 05:30 PM
Re: Getting ready to file...

I did not join for someone to rip apart my post and turn my words into their words and totally twist the meaning.

---> I didn't rip apart your post or turn your words or twist your meaning...I can ONLY respond to what you wrote...period.

Gecko, you are a jerk, I hope you don't do this to everyone new who posts on here, but you probably do. Oh, and thanks so much for helping me feel 'so welcomed' to this site.

---> when the Judge reams you a new one, will you be telling him/her that s/he is a 'jerk' too? I've been at this a long time...not only do I have personal experience, I have several years of professional experience in Family Law. If all you are looking for is affirmation...along with your 'welcome'...they are many social networking sites you can join. But if you want to know the REALITY of what you will face in court...then I will tell you what that REALITY is. Your choice.

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