07/29/07 10:51 AM
Re: In some respects...

I like so many others,encountered what it was like living with someone going thru the menopause cycle. My X went thru it starting at I'd say around 46 and continued thru our divorce in 06. She is 51 now, so for the past 5yrs I experienced it. It wasn't easy at times to hear the brunt of her mood swings, yelling etc., but I accepted it, cause ..dang that is what women go thru. If you love someone enough you tolerate it. It was tough to take at times, and probably yelled at h er a few times, but I mostly understood what she was going thru, and said to myself, it happens, and there is not much I could do to change it. It is a condition that I will accept in the future, otherwise I don't think I will be dating much..LOL>>

As I mention earlier in a post, I would rather be a bit younger as it seems 90% of the women out there that are single are under 40. I don't want to go back earlier that 40-45.

As for children..I'm praying that the lady that will be the next "Love of my Life" will have kids that are grown, and living on their own. Since I will probably be dating women in their 50's their is a good chance that will be.

If not, kids ( I have 4..All grown up) will not be a deterrent if I fall for their mom. I would like to think I can handle kids as long as they are respectful.

If I don't find someone to share the rest of my life with, it, I'm not going to go into a shell. Life is too short, and I want to enjoy as much as I can with the time I have left. Fun & stress free would be the preference.

I spent the last few months going to several bars, looking, and I realized this isn't for me. Most of them are youth oriented, plus, I no longer want to play mind games with anyone.

The 2nd largest PWP group in Ohio has appointed me to their board, so that might open some opportunities. I now have a goal to work towards(making #1 in Ohio) and it will help me fill some time.

I have realized that TIME does heal... ONLY if you take it to a different LEVEL. If you stay stuck in Time, you cannot heal. Least that's my opinion. Take care all.

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