08/04/07 09:05 AM
Re: To bacall - Ordinary World

I just had an awaking of sorts, interesting that Duran Duran speaks of missing the ordinary life. Watching the HBO special this morning before golf, they interview people that had a near death experience that now must live with huge handicaps. A young woman that lost both arms in a car accident, now must press on bringing up her young family. A GI injured in Iraq lost both legs, he's engaged and must try to get back to his version of the ordinary life and hope he can find work and keep his woman, build a family, a woman from the minnesota bridge incident that got out of her sinking car as it was filling with water, swimming to shore, now says she is grateful for each second she can spend with her family.

We all have been through some tough times and even I think sometimes I was left with some pretty crappy circumstances after a long marriage and have to find my way to some assemblance of an ordinary, happy life.

I feel pretty blessed that my challenges now seem so small compared to these people's.

Just ranting...

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