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01/23/08 01:10 PM
Wants to move son out of state!!

I have posted this in the PA section, and putting it here to mabye get some more feedback! Thanks in advance!

My ex informed me that she is planning to move to illinois in June. We currently have joint physical/legal custody of our 8 year old son. with time being split on overnights 40/60, 40% me. However, i actually see him almost everyday, as he is active in sports and i help coach him. Her reason is the company she and her fiance work for headquarters is there and this would help her out in her job. She said she would like to work things out without having to go to court, however we will end up being there, as we can't work out an agreement. of course she wants him during school year, and i want him during school year with no budging on either side. Anyone have any dealings with this in PA. i know they pretty much determine it on best interest of child. does her fiance/ soon to be husband getting a new job constitute best interest of son? she is the one moving away, is she responsible for paying for sons trips to and from? any advice would be apprieciated

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