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04/10/11 08:28 PM
Re: Relocating to AZ

Recently my ex tried to move my kids from AZ to MA. she stated exactly the same reasons you do (cheaper costs of living, more jobs, better standard of life etc). I have always been a major part of the life of my two boys and now have joint custody with 50/50 parenting, so it is slightly different. The judge didn't allow the move. Arizona is a major joint custody state so I didn't even bother with a lawyer and represented myself. I won on all counts (if you can call it winning). I think the bottom line is that unless there is abuse it's every parents duty to attempt to have both as much of the kids life as possible. I was on the other side of this so I'm biased but still it's all to easy to consider whats convenient for ourselves and not try our best for the sake of our kids.

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