04/01/05 11:54 AM
Re: The law regarding step parenting

When my husband and his ex first separated and well into the first year of his marriage to me, the BM would call after his visitation demanding to know how SD got a scratch on her leg or a bruise on her arm. DH would explain, she fell off her bike or was running in the house and slipped down and fell. The EX would act like she didn't believe him and keep questioning him in the hopes, I'm guessing, that he would slip up and admit to abusing her. It was so bad that DH would not even doctor SD's privates if she had a rash. He'd have either me or his mother do it while he observed. Finally DH had enough and started calling BM when he got the kids and asking her about bruises and scratches on them. After about two or three of these calls, BM stopped calling DH about it.

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