06/10/05 08:59 PM
Re: Nit-Picked or What???

I am disturbed by how quickly he takes it upon himself to reprimand you like some little child in front of his girl when you have been " " bad in his eyes....

what exactly is he thinking. or is that it ?? he partially thinks ??

maybe as per your conversation you should have been uncomfortable. you just might have gotten the clue that the little snot was going through your belongings like some snake. if this room was to have been given to you for your use and you have the door shut and your belongings out of sight - how is it that his daughter clue to be weird feeling about anything. and for that matter she might want to get used to the idea of bras.
why should you, an adult woman, have apologize for owning a bra. kind of sounds silly when you think about it - your fiance isn't just experimenting is he ??

and it is really strange sounding how he likes to do these room visits.
that is a lot of invading of the privacy for that matter.

and why oh why are you being reprimanded by this man all of the time like some little child.

the next time because your made to make his daughter understand a conversation you had with someone else...and then because you happen to mention that your mother is a large woman.. but wait it is okay for him to make references to weight just not you.

something is really wrong with this picture and it sounds like you will always be on your toes with him.

I will tell you what from my experience. it has been over 8yrs of living screaming inferno sometimes in dealing with controlling exes and controlling stepkids .... but if you do not have the support of your spouse to make a family unit, I do not know if it is ever possible to make it work.
and trust me - it is hard sometimes even with the support to stay with it considering how twisted the controlling can be.

I sincerely hope all works out well for you.

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