(Carpal \'Tunnel)
06/16/08 03:25 PM
more BM insight...

last year the eve before father's day DH called SS at 11PM to secure a call on father's day (all calls are CO'd to be returned within 24 hours). no call...monday morning he called before school. BM's excuse was she didn't know what time DH called b/c he didn't say it in his message.

fast forward to this year...he calls at 8PM the eve before father's day to secure the father's day call. this time he left the date and time....again, no call. they called this morning.

so, for those of you that haven't figured out the type of person DH is dealing with yet this is just one more thing to add to the list....

oh yah, and she called back immediately in april so DH couldn't talk to SS on SS's birthday and SS never received the cards that were sent to him in the mail.

5 more days and we'll have the munchkin for the next 51 days!!!

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