(Carpal \'Tunnel)
06/18/08 09:55 AM
Re: Will he NEVER learn?

My kids have pellet guns and real guns. They are to use both in the same manner. Shooting at the dogs dish with someone holding it, well the kids would be in deep doo doo here.

The paint ball guns CAN hurt. When the kids have paint ball wars (the only guns they are allowed to shoot at other people with) they have to be "shot" 1st with the paint ball gun before they can play. The reason? You can tell anyone not to aim or shoot in the head or face but it still can happen. Once the kids KNOW that the paint ball hitting them hurts, well they are a bit more careful. The paint balls wars are typically not done in warmer weather since the kids wear layers, helmets, and eye protection.

We are a BIG on gun safety in the home. I would perfer a real gun over a bb gun anyday. Kids tend to think that bb guns are toys when it fact they can be very harmful. So the kids have to treat the bb and soft pellet guns as if they are 'real' guns.

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