(Carpal \'Tunnel)
12/21/11 11:36 AM
Re: Yeah , no lies my ass

No, that was a serious question. You are defending a group that you claim is manhandled not only when they are in the minority, but when they have the MAJORITY. SO if they are THAT ineffectual, why would anyone want them in charge?

>>>>>>>>>>. They NEGOTIATED and both got something , the Repubs an extension of GW's tax cuts , the Dems an uneployment insurance extension and a payroll tax cut . Only in your feeble ,little mind are the Dems responsible for what the GOP ASKED for and RECEIVED .

I will let you know if I DO become your bytch, how long it takes for me to grow weary of it. SO far, the only bytch on this site in YOU, and your not even MY bytch, you are the DEMOCRATS bytch, LMAO!

>>>>>>>>>> Ya make me laugh . How many times do I have to prove you wrong Mr. " tax cuts always raise revenues " ?

Here's an idea , answer questions instead of answering a question with another question .

Quick , change the subject so no one knows you CAN'T answer .

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