(Carpal \'Tunnel)
01/01/12 11:52 PM
Re: Someone talk me out of it

OH MY GOD...who's freaking idea was this project? WTF was I thinking?

I went shopping, and the stores were PACKED. Holy crap they were packed. But, I got the CUTEST curtains, and found a desk and a rug that I LOVE for her room, but can't afford right now. Later, I will get them for her.

The one thing I've learned...HOLY CRAP I need to stop throwing [censored] in my room. I have gone through stuff and gone through stuff and gone through stuff. I have filled I don't know how many yard sacks full of clothes and shoes that either don't fit or I don't wear to give to Goodwill. I have thrown out all kinds of [censored] as well. ACK!

So, I finally go through everything in my room, and am ready to move the bed. Have I mentioned that I have a Queen sized TempurPedic? It's like 850 pounds of foam. Foam is not stable like a normal mattress. I about killed myself, the dog, the cat and broke the door trying to move the damn thing. UGH.

Cleaned the ceiling fan, vacuumed the room, and FINALLY got the carpet cleaned. Now I wait for it to dry. And rest.

I need to start taking the Christmas tree down, but I'm exhausted right now. And my back hurts from the position you do the carpet cleaning in. Stupid, stupid, stupid idea!

But, yes, I'm having fun, and SUPER excited about Daughter's reaction.

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