(Carpal \'Tunnel)
01/26/12 11:54 AM
Re: WWYD? SS Fight

Maury, no less than a few weeks ago, two high school boys were involved in an altercation about a girl. The younger of the two went to the others house and shot him twice, killed him.

Afterward DH and I talked about it and I told him how wrong I think it was to let that happen. I just think it sets the wrong example completely. What I don't know is the details about how long this went on. DH and SS have a strong bond and they have a lot they don't ever discuss with me. DH gave me the the general indication that this boy who came to our home has been bothering SS at school for a long time and this happening sort of ended all the ruckus that was building between them.

Since then nothing between the boys. SD has a class with the boy, so far he's never said a word to her.

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