(Carpal \'Tunnel)
01/28/12 10:43 PM
Re: Sampoe...

KK's and my relationship is VASTLY different than comparing JL meeting Red and Susan for an afternoon or a day. We have been in person friends for four years now. We have spent tons of time together. My daughter was having sleepovers at KK's house before she even had them at her father's for pete's sake. We've traveled to see them where they are now.. stayed in their home for days at a time. Woken up in jammies and hair undone and no makeup on. She's socialized with my parents and I with her ex's family. I've socialized with her coworkers' spouses. If I died tomorrow? Every dollar of life insurance I have goes direct to KK. No trust, no legal paperwork, it just goes to her, or her husband if something happened to her before my daughter turned 18.

She's not an acquaintance, she's not even a "friend", she is FAMILY. The comparison is insulting frankly.

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