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02/02/12 08:31 PM
Re: Business questions

From what I know (which is admittedly not a lot) the government , not just the IRS, will put blame where ever they can to get their money. The director of my daughter's daycare had crimnal charges against her because someone who was getting state daycare assistance lied about working while her daycare bill was being paid. She had not been working for some time but was still bringing the kids to daycare and had not informed the state she wasn't employed. The daycare had no idea she wasn't working (neither did the state) so they sent the forms into the state for payment.

The woman was caught some time later and tried to say the kids were never at the day care during that time and she had no idea why the daycare had tried to collect. They had sign in sheets with the mom's signature on them. (We have to sign the kids in and out each day along with one of the teachers signing them in and out on another sheet.) It took TWO years to clear it up. the state just finally dropped the criminal charges against the director even though she was not the onle who signed the kids in or out. In the beginning of the suit the state stopped paying for all of the kids on assistance. It came very close to having to shut down because about 80% of their money comes from the state.

The owner wanted the director to plead guilty so she could keep her business and the director told her to shove it. It was HER name and she was fighting it. In the mean time the daycare was sold so the state agreed to pay the new daycare going forward. The new owners are much better (one of them is a parent that has a child attending) and they stood behind the director and helped her fight it.

Anyway, even if nothing will ever come of it the IRS could very probably stick it to her and make her life a living hell for a long time.

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