(Carpal \'Tunnel)
03/08/12 02:03 PM
Re: OT-Josh Powell question...

Personally, I think it was a case of, "We have put SO much time and energy into investigating THIS guy, and since we have not looked at anyone else for THREE YEARS, any evidence is GONE, so if we back off on this guy, we look like fools, so we BETTER find something on this guy."

---> Police are too often pressured by the media/public into solving crimes in an hour less commercials. You remember last year when I posted about my friends STB-DIL disappearing? While it is SOP for the police to investigate the people closest to the missing person, the police didn't even conduct a search of the road for two months. When her car was finally found a 100 yards from the road, autopsy showed that she lived for 4 days after the accident...that she suffered greatly during those 4 days. But was 'easier' to just investigate the family than to conduct a search of 10 miles of road.

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