(Carpal \'Tunnel)
03/21/12 09:05 PM
Re: "Nice Delete" BTW...

I am seriously disappointed in this thread. Nicole does not deserve to be treated the way some of you have treated her. This is new to her and yes, she will make mistakes...but I also know she does care, she does listen and will make the right changes.

LB, I don't want to fuss with you, but your friendship with SRS seriously is creepy. Furthermore, this new poster......its not right to just bring Leanne into it. How many times were we accused of being someone......remember that frustration? Why do it to someone else? Does that not make you as bad as those that accused you? Think about it.

Wishing all well....but I am going to leave the nutboard to the gets worse and worse. Nicole, if you ever have Ny questions, just pm me. I also suggest putting SRS on ignore if they cant give calm advice without attacks. I would listen to Cassie, Tweeby and some others that gave you consttuctive advice. Hugs.

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