(old hand)
04/03/12 10:56 AM
Re: Susan Powell.. Anyone still think he's not guilty?

I am going to have to agree with everyone here.

From a message board discussion perspective, I am going to agree with Reilly and Gr8dad. From what was originally and used first for discussion here, there was not enough concrete "without a shadow of doubt" proof to say 100% guilty. Did "I" think he was guilty? Yes, I did.

If I was sitting on a jury, following the jury instructions for a murder conviction and only had the evidence they had released back then, could I convict him? Sadly, no.

Now we know there was so much more evidence in this case and the cops sat on it. Not all that unusual in big cases. Of course now we all see that resulted in a fatal and truly tragic act.

All this is my own theory and only what I "think" happened;
The authorities in this case clearly underestimated the actions of Josh Powell and what he was capable of. I would like to know if there was an official profiling done on him. My guess is there not. I think the cops just assumed they were dealing with a typical crime of passion and they had all the time in the world to work the case, as they wrongly assumed he was not a danger to anyone else.

Sadly nothing can change the outcome of this tragic event. I can only hope those babies did not die in vain and what ever mistakes were made that brought them their death, will be learned from and never to be repeated again.

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